Advantages of Tattoo Removal with Q-Switch Alexandrite Laser

Advantages of Tattoo Removal with Q-Switch Alexandrite Laser

Alexandrite laser is one of the latest development of Q-switch laser. It uses a middle wavelength laser to safely remove the tattoos without causing any trauma on the skin. It offers aesthetically pleasing result no matter whether you want to have a small or large tattoo removed.

Laser tattoo removal

Q-Switch Alexandrite is more advanced than traditional laser treatments. Traditional laser treatment can increase the chance of hypo pigmentation where the skin area will become lighter. The Alexandrite laser reduces the skin discoloration on the skin and you will find that tattoo removal skin area has the same skin color as before.

Alexandrite laser offers good result on dark in color. It has also been proven to be able to remove green ink tattoo efficiently. The colors that it can tackle least effectively is yellow and red pigments tattoos. It is also not suitable for tattoo with bright pigments.

When the laser is targeted on the tattoo, it will disintegrate the pigment beneath the epidermis to minimize the skin damage. It is just a small skin damage that can be recovered completely. If you feel any discomfort during the treatment, it will only be restricted to the area of the tattoo that is being treated.

The result from Q-Switch Alexandrive tattoo removal laser treatment is permanent. The tattoo will no longer appear from your skin once it is completely removed. Usually, the pigment will gradually fade out over time after each session of laser tattoo removal treatment. The pigment will automatically be eliminated by the immune system in the body.

The skilled technician will hold the laser device and follow alog the tattoo pattern so that it will thoroughly break down the pigmentation of the entire tattoo. It takes a few weeks for the body to get rid of the ink particles. Most patients successfully remove their tattooes after 8 – 9 sessions.

Traditional laser tattoo removal treatment methods involve more risks because they can cause scarring or disfiguration on the skin. With Q-Switch Alexandrite laser, there will only be some minor inflammation on the skin. Eye protective equipments may be provided to if the tattoo is on your face. The doctor may give you some ice packs to apply on the skin to ease the discomfort. The ice pack will numb the skin.

In some clinics, the doctor will turn on an air cooler that is blown towards the skin to ease the discomfort. The doctor can help you to bandage the treated tattoo region so that it won’t be exposed to the direct sunlight. Bandaging it is important if you frequently go out in the day time.

You can contact 3 – 4 tattoo removal clinics to schedule an appointment if you are interested in removing your tattoo via Q-Switch Alexandrite laser technique. During the initial consultation, the doctor will ask you a number of questions. For example, the doctor will ask you if you have fears about laser treatment. The doctor may perform a quick scan on the tattoo to check your reaction.

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