Common conditions treated by Orthopedic Surgeons

Imagine gripping a coffee cup and your hand suddenly goes numb. Or you’re sending a quick text and a sharp pain shoots through your wrist. These are the unwelcome signs of carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition that has seen a rise in places like Sugarland. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a regular guest on the extensive list of common conditions that orthopedic surgeons treat. These professionals have the expertise to deal with everything from your aching back to that pesky sugarland carpal tunnel syndrome. Let’s delve deeper and understand some of the other common conditions they routinely handle.

Rotator Cuff Tears

Ever thrown a ball and felt a sudden, severe pain in your shoulder? This could be a sign of a rotator cuff tear. Athletes or individuals involved in repetitive overhead motions are often the ones knocking on the surgeon’s door with this issue. The pain can be debilitating, but thankfully, orthopedic surgeons have the skills to patch things up and get you back in the game.


Arthritis is another common visitor for orthopedic surgeons. This condition, often associated with age, can cause severe pain and stiffness in the joints. Whether it’s your knees creaking like an old wooden floor or your hands refusing to cooperate, arthritis is a condition that can severely impact daily life. But with their extensive knowledge, orthopedic surgeons can offer effective treatments and strategies to manage the pain.


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