This benefit is only felt by teenagers who like to go to the gym

Weight training during adolescence is not a problem. Of course, we often hear, about the dangers of gymnastics in growth that will inhibit the growth of our body. As a result, we will look short for a while the muscular and muscular body.

Doing lifting weights or gymnastics can indeed produce growth if done in the wrong way. Ambition wants to have a muscular and athletic body, is our motivation to do weight training in the gym. One of his prayers was too ambitious, we just never exercised. Of course, because you want to get fast and maximum results.

Just a myth

Some people are still worried about the effects of exercise or early weightlifting for growth. Sharing in adolescents occurs in bone epiphytic plates commonly referred to as growth plates. This plate is located near the end of the long bone.

In adolescence, this plate is vulnerable to trauma. But apparently, this assumption is just a myth.

Research in the Journal of Clinical Medicine Research found that weight training is being developed. But calm down, because according to health experts, the benefits of exercise are greater than a lot of damage to the plate.

Most importantly, first determine what goals we want to gym. The most common is increasing muscle and increasing physical endurance. Weight lifting will be useful if supervised by professionals such as instructors.

Balanced Nutrition

Don’t blame your gym, fill your body, stop growing or become short. Need a lot of help to fill a balanced nutrition intake while running the gym. Keep in mind that we are a period of growth, good nutrition and enough is needed to support growth.

The habit we do is the process of gymnastics, such as weight lifting, which is to skip calorie foods. Meanwhile, just add or only focus on protein foods and supplements for muscle formation. At the moment our gym also includes calories.

As for those who are stocky or discuss, use your weight before going to the gym. This allows maximum muscle formation. But in a heavy body and starting a gym, balanced nutrition needs to be maintained.

Some gymnastics benefits for teenagers:

  1. Strengthen bones and muscles
  2. increase physical endurance
  3. Protect tendons and ligaments
  4. increase bone density
  5. Helps maintain healthy and healthy cholesterol levels
  6. Helps maintain a healthy weight
  7. Strengthen performance when exercising and prevent waste during exercise
  8. State the nervous and muscle systems to progress more efficiently.