Why I Love This Online Running App?

I came across this Online running app called Vingo a few months back. I was thinking of joining a gym for a long time, for I was fat and I needed a training coach to set my fitness straight. But a friend of mine suggested this app over a gym. And, to be honest, the app has changed me a lot. It has taken me into a fitness journey of my lifetime. I’ve lost a lot of extra pounds, in a way shorter time than I thought was possible. To those of you who would like to transform too, I will strongly suggest you go for Vingo. Here are a few things about the app that will convince you better.

Vingo is a Well-Rounded App

Vingo has a lot of features in it. Virtual reality, movements tracker, online connectivity, real-time, voice chat, social media updates, and you can even create your own digital avatar inside it. The primary objective of the app is to make Indoor running more interesting. You know, making your treadmill time more fun. Usually running on a treadmill is a boring task. Vingo combats this problem by providing virtual sceneries right in front of our eyes.

Vingo Creates a Realistic Virtual World for Workouts

The app is loaded with hundreds of locations. These maps, they say, have been designed from real locations around the world. While running, it feels like we are touring around the world from our home. I usually take maps with greenery filled valleys. This gives me a soothing sensation while I run.

I can Run for Hours & Still Feel Motivated

With a lot of mental stimulation from the app, I never feel tired while I run. Sometimes I run for hours together and it feels like minutes. Such is the realistic experience in the app. Also, the app suggests new and better locations every time I start Online running. I start a new adventure every day.

I Can Connect All Kinds of Treadmills

The app’s most important advantage is that it can be connected with any model of a treadmill. Be it your new one with a lot of features, or the one like mine, a basic model with Bluetooth connectivity. It pairs easily and doesn’t show any problem while connecting. Even in old treadmills, I can easily connect by using ANT+ sensors.

I can Cycle Too

On a similar note, I can connect my training cycle with it and use it as a bike exercise app. Such is the versatility of the app. You can go on an online cycling adventure when you feel bored of running.

I Can Work-out with My Friends

The app also allows virtual connections with your friends. You can see them on your screens while you work-out and you can all go on virtual adventures together. My friends and I get together every morning and we set out into the virtual world and have the time of our lives.

Do you want urgent care anymore? If yes, join the Vingo community then.