10 Ways to Improve Memory Effectively So You Don’t Forget Quickly

Like to forget? Just learning but have forgotten the material? Well, follow some of the ways and tips to improve memory below. Do you like to forget? Forgot to put the TV remote on, forgot the house keys, or forgot that tomorrow has an exam? don’t take it for granted. Especially at your young age, the ability to remember is needed to maintain the subject matter that you get every day.

Having a strong memory will also have a positive impact on determining your academic success. So, for those of you who find it easy to forget, let’s find out some ways to improve memory as powerful learning tips.

Improve Memory

Summarize again

Do you feel like the material given by the teacher is too much? Until you are confused which part is the most important?

Well, sometimes we don’t understand how to manage the information that enters our memory. To remember the new information you received, try to summarize all the information using your own words. That way, it will be easier for you to understand the information obtained. If you can’t do this, it means you don’t understand the material at all and have to repeat it again.

Learn with pictures

Who prefers reading comics to novels? Hey, confess. Pictures are easier to remember and understand than text books. This visualization can be a strategy to remember information more easily.

You can start by visualizing the image in your mind when you get information. Information received visually will be more imprinted in the mind, so that it becomes easier for you to remember. There’s no need to bother, cus immediately starts learning with animated videos that are really fun in the learning room.


Currently, various academic exams require you to understand the concept of the material, not just memorize, such as the HOTS questions. To remember concepts, you have to practice by actively studying. One way to maintain memory of an information is to re-teaching the lessons you have understood to friends. You can create study groups and take turns explaining the material that has been studied. Passive in studying will make it very difficult for you to remember what you read.


Still like learning credits or the speeding system last night? Duh, don’t get used to it. Cramping a lot of information to remember in a short amount of time is a bad habit. Those materials will definitely disappear instantly. The key to improving good memory is to frequently review or review weekly notes and study materials. Do the review repeatedly and feel the benefits.

Use acronyms to remember

Know the term donkey bridge? Donkey bridge is a trick of memorizing and remembering by using acronyms or abbreviations, key words, rhymes, to pictures. In donkey bridge, each letter represents a word in a separate sentence.

For example, to memorize the periodic table, you can use HaLiNa Kawin Robi Cs Frustasi. This abbreviation consists of the elements H (Hydrogen), Li (Lithium), Na (Sodium), K (Calcium), Rb (Rubidium), Cs (Caesium), and Fr (Fransium). Do you have your own donkey bridge? Try writing in the comments column yes!

Do some brain teasers with games

To improve memory, your brain also needs to be trained so that its ability is maintained. Well, you can sharpen your brain in several ways, such as playing puzzles, chess, completing crossword puzzles, memorizing pictures, playing musical instruments, or reading. This game can stimulate the brain to use memory.

Get used to organizing small things

Often lose small items? Well, to avoid this forgetting habit, try to tidy up your personal items carefully. Start with the trivial, such as throwing away unused items, putting things back in their place, and categorizing items. That way, the brain will be more focused and memory is maintained.

Consuming brain-boosting nutrients

Not only do these tips to improve memory, the brain also needs nutritious food intake to function optimally. You can increase the consumption of foods such as fish, nuts, green vegetables, green tea, and egg yolks.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise can also be a way to maintain memory and concentration, you know. Do not believe? There are many benefits of exercise for brain health such as improving blood circulation in the body, increasing blood supply to the brain, stimulating the release of biochemical substances that affect brain health, encouraging the development of new nerve cells, and so on. So, it is recommended that you do light exercise such as cycling, walking, or swimming for approximately 30 minutes every day.

Get enough rest

Do you often stay up late watching dramas? Eits, enough rest also turns out to play an important role in maintaining focus and ability to remember, you know. When you sleep, your memory will reorganize the information you have obtained and what things have happened. With enough sleep about 7-9 hours a day, your body will feel fit and avoid stress. Quality sleep will also help you remember something new.