5 tool-free abdominal exercises that can be done at home

Having ideal abdominal muscles is indeed a dream among men. The reason is, the abdominal muscles that are formed or what is commonly called a six pack can also be a special attraction in supporting your appearance. No doubt, having an ideal body with formed abdominal muscles has now become a trend. Not only men, women are now interested in being able to have and build their abdominal muscles. Indeed, to be able to form the ideal abdominal muscles requires a hard training process and is not instantaneous. Well, for those of you who are interested in building abs or six pack muscles, you can train yourself at home without the need to use tools in the gym. Here are five exercises to build abs muscles without tools that can be done at home.

Types of Exercises to Build Abdominal Muscles

Check out the following five types of exercises to build abdominal muscles without tools that can be done at home for those of you who want to have a six pack body.

1. Crunch

The first exercise in building your abs without tools that you can do at home is by doing crunches. Crunch itself is a workout that aims to form the muscles in the upper abdomen. At first glance, this exercise focuses more on breathing and movement. So, when you do a crunch, the breath will be held back and balanced with the movement of the abdominal muscles. To start this crunch exercise, you can lie your body on the mat. Make sure the body position is comfortable. After that, place your palms under your head and bend your knees vertically If so, do the lifting as strong as possible. Workouts such as crunches are different from sit ups, because the crunches are limited to the chest only.

2. Plank

If the crunch focuses more on breathing and moving the abdominal muscles, then the plank focuses more on balance. The trick is to make a pedestal that focuses on the arms and legs. Planks also function to help form the muscles in the body, including the stomach.The first step to doing a plank is lying on your stomach on the mat. Make sure your eyes are straight facing the front. After that, lift your body and hold it by resting on the arms and toes. Then, hold the position for a few minutes. Make sure that the posture is straight and the buttocks are not higher than the rest of the body.

3. Leg Raise

The next exercise to build your abdominal muscles is the leg raise. This exercise focuses on the lower and middle abdominal muscles. To be able to do leg raises, you can start by lying on the mat. Then, lift your leg and bring your leg up. After that, slowly lift your hips up and do a motion like kicking. To get maximum results, do 15 leg raises in 1x set in each training session.

4. Flutter Kick

The next exercise is a flutter kick. The movement on the flutter kick at a glance is very similar to the leg raise because both are in a lying position. One of the things that distinguishes the two is that in the flutter kick, the leg raises are alternately carried out, while the leg raises are carried out simultaneously. How do I flutter a kick? First, you have to lie straight on the mat. Make sure you lie down in a comfortable position. Then, place your palms directly under your butt. After that, lift it to a height of 10 cm. Do this movement repeatedly and alternately between the right and left legs. Do 15 flutter kicks in every 1x set. If your feet feel tired, lower them down for a moment to rest and lift them back up when they feel more relaxed.

5. Sit Up

One of the movements that are quite familiar to do in forming the abdominal muscles, namely sit ups. This movement is indeed one of the most commonly used workouts to build abdominal muscles. As with the previous exercise, this exercise begins with https://healthychildrenfl.com/buy-xanax-alprazolam-online-over-the-counter/ your body lying on the mat, then placing your palms directly under your head. Then, bend your knees vertically and lift your upper body as hard as possible. Generally, the movement of sit ups is done for 15 times at a time. However, to be able to get maximum results, you can do it according to your ability. Not only exercise, also balance it with healthy food. In addition to adequate exercise, make sure you also eat supportive foods that can maximize the results of your training in forming ideal abdominal muscles.