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It would have been so easy to quit and prior to now, I did quit. I actually have made it by way of so many challenges, such as the holidays, visiting household, Super Bowl parties, travel, work stress, residence stress, and so on. He has been there to pick up the items and encourage me to maintain going. He helped me give you strategies to take care of every issue each massive and small.

And, yes, Jeff has saved my life and I will at all times be pleased about this gift. I owe ALL my success to Jeff and, to a lesser extent, my motivation and determination. I shall be completely clear, without Jeff and the coaching classes, I most likely would have stop a very long time in the past. It is a problem, particularly when I had so many modifications to make and when everyday life brings stresses and different crucial priorities (from work or family or no matter).

It’s Time to Check Your Mobility and Flexibility

In addition to the high blood pressure, I had gained about pounds throughout these five weeks. I even have at all times been a stress eater, or eating that which was convenient and my closet at all times held a minimum of four totally different sizes of clothes and I would just grab whatever match at the time. he needed to walk, he wished to recover, even though he was unable to verbalize it.

I had spent years as a single parent making choices based mostly on my son’s finest pursuits, often sacrificing my own needs along the way in which. I had a love/hate relationship with diet and exercise – basically, I beloved food and I hated the health club. I was keen to be affected person and knew that weight reduction happens slowly.

One afternoon I had two totally different third-12 months medical students practicing their bodily exam methods tell me that I had high blood pressure. Thinking that they had not used the blood strain cuff correctly, I went to the physician in command of the coaching and requested him to take my blood pressure. Before I even left the building I was on the cellphone to my very own main care doctor making an appointment.

If I decided to begin a new profession, or be taught a new language, or play the piano, I would accept that these pursuits would take time, cash, and be difficult, however would ultimately make me pleased. I was willing to commit two or three years of hard work discipline, time, and cash to perform my weight reduction objective. Then in early 2015 I went again to Hilton Head Health for twelve weeks to finish my journey. Yes, it costs some money but it is a fraction of the price of coming to Hilton Head Health.

I moved with him into a handicapped accessible room at a hotel and used the load room and pool amenities to train him and give him again his mobility. After five weeks, he was in a position to return to assisted living but I was totally unaware of the toll it had taken on me, personally, till I was back at my half-time job as a standardized (skilled) patient. We went through the H3 schedule and decided we would cut up up for the lectures to make sure we took benefit of everything we could throughout our ten-day keep. The one thing I will never forget was when my mom and I obtained off the airplane earlier than we arrived at H3 and I received a TCBY ice cream.

Adam Padgett, Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist

I by no means got to the purpose of truly following via on these thoughts (thank goodness), but the fact that they even existed were a critical indicator that I wanted a change. It wasn’t till virtually a 12 months later that the truth of it hit me – I was extremely unhealthy, extraordinarily unhappy, and so misplaced that I didn’t even know the way to begin to fix it. A shut friend of mine recommended that I get the heck out of dodge. We spent a while brainstorming and finally the thought of a health retreat came up. We received online, and Health Head Health’s website was professional, informative, and nicely-designed; it immediately caught my eye.

My Health (amazingly), my pals, my household, a lovely residence and an excellent employer. I applied for a 6 month career break to focus on getting healthy.