You can face pain and stiffness in your neck due to cervical disc disease. If you are experiencing stiffness in your neck, you should consult a doctor for better treatment. It will only aggravate the pain if you ignore it, and therefore, you should immediately consult a doctor once you spot any symptoms of cervical disc disease. 

Cervical disc disease is a condition in which chronic neck pain puts stress on the vertebrae. This article will analyze all the important points about cervical disc disease. If you are in this situation of cervical disc disease in Roswell, you can consult various medical centers that provide cervical disc disease Roswell services to patients. 

What is Cervical Disc Disease? 

Cervical disc disease is a problem in which there is severe neck pain. This pain emerges with severity due to the long process of stress and strain on the neck that affects the discs in the vertebrae. 

The discs are soft cushion materials and are surrounded by a protective shell. You should also know that there are these discs at every set of vertebrae, and they can degenerate over some time. These discs are helpful in movement, stability, and protection from any damage. It degenerates with age as you are young, it is flexible, and later, it becomes drier and stiffer. So, when such situations arise, cervical disc disease starts over some time. 

What are Some Important Symptoms of Cervical Disc Disease? 

  • Neck Pain: The major symptom of cervical disc disease is neck pain, which can be persistent or intermittent. It can range from mild to severe pain; some heavy body activities can worsen it. 
  • Radiating Pain: When the pain starts from the neck area but radiates to other parts like arms and hands, it shows something wrong with the cervical disc. 
  • Numbness and Tingling: There can be numbness and tingling effects in your hand and fingers; you cannot feel the pain of needle piercing or anything due to radiating pain. 
  • Stiffness: This is one of the important symptoms of cervical disc disease. It allows only a limited range of motion due to pain and muscle tension. 

What is the Treatment of Cervical Disc Disease? 

As per doctors’ recommendations, the first stage in this disease is to stop the inflammation, and therefore, they provide medications that reduce the inflammation and ultimately reduce the pain and stiffness. Doctors sometimes suggest physical therapy, which will be a great savior in such painful situations. In some cases, surgery is required, but it all depends on the severity of the disease. But before opting for any treatment procedures, you should consult your doctor for better advice. 

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