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How to Make Time for Yourself During Your Busy Schedule?

How to Make Time for Yourself During Your Busy Schedule?

In this day and age, people need to multi task just to finish as many tasks as possible in a day. They are so busy to even think about the idea of resting and taking care of themselves. In fact, some people even feel guilty about downtime as they feel that they are not productive.

But the truth is that rest is very important and there are plenty of reasons to schedule it every now and then.Remember that resting is just as important as any other task your to-do list. Spending some time to relax and unwind is not a task you should feel worried or guilty about. Even if its just an hour of me time in a spa in Singapore or an extra hour of sleep, it can instantly help you recharge. Plus, you will be more ready to take on more tasks or challenges. If you are always working and not letting your mind and body to rest, eventually you burn out.

To help you balance you time, here are some tips that will help you manage your schedule better:

Lessen your weeknights event – save certain weeknights to yourself. You can spend it to visit spa in Singapore, watch a movie, exercise, have coffee with friends, or go to sleep early. If colleaguesask you to finish tasks or render overtime, learn to say no or tell them you have plans.

Delegate what you can – if you are guilty of doing everything in the office or at home, it’s high time you learn how to delegate tasks. For example, you can hand over simple tasks such as washing the dishes or housecleaning to your kids. The fact that you’re teaching your kids responsibility while being able to rest even just for 10 minutes is a great thing. At work, direct simple tasks to your assistant or use your break to mingle with other coworkers.

Schedule a treatfor yourself– scheduling a me time is a great way for you to plan things ahead and look forward to something exciting – not just work and household chores. It could be a spa time with your girlfriends, your lunch break, a weekend getaway with your family, or leaving work early. Whatever treat your rarely get to do yet you’re always thinking about is a great way to relax. Schedule it in and make sure it will happen.

Leave work on time – many are guilty of working late to finish tasks on a regular basis. If you are one of them, make it a habit to leave work on time even for at least once a week.Leave work at work and don’t think of continuing your tasks at home. Leave work on time toso you have time to unwind.

Get moving – if you’re the type of person who couldn’t take the idea of just sitting idly at home, consider working out after your work hours. From aerobics to yoga, any form of exercise can act as … Read More

Spa Treatments You Can Do at the Comfort of Your Home

Spa Treatments You Can Do at the Comfort of Your Home

While spa visits offer you tons of benefits, we cannot deny the fact that it’s quite expensive. So if you’re tightening your budget or just wish to try some DIY spa treatments, this article is for you.

With all the skin care products a available in the market, at-home spa treatments are easy to do. However, don’t expect the results to be as good as the ones you can get at a spa in Singapore. But the good news is that these at-home treatments can still keep you looking and feeling good when you just don’t have the time or money to visit a spa.


A quick online search or visit to a local market can instantly help you find essential oils and essential oil diffusers you can use for aromatherapy. Another option is to soak in a tub with DIY aromatherapy treatments. To make an aromatherapy bath salt, you will need one-part sea salt, one part Epsom salts, two parts baking soda. Combine all ingredients, and add two to three drops of your preferred essential oil scents. Some of the common oils for this mixture are chamomile, lavender, and vanilla. Once done, mix the bath treatment in a tub with water and then soak in the tub for as long as you wish.

Pedicures and Manicures

Pedicures and manicures are easy to do at home. What’s more, they provide you with a meditative experience. Get that old nail polish off, and trim your nails to just a bit longer than your preferred length. Then file them into the shape you would like. Soak your hands in warm water for ten minutes before applying a cuticle oil and pushing your cuticles back. Exfoliate your hands, apply a little moisturizer, and get ready to put on polish. Your hands will be looking great at a fraction of the cost.


If you don’t have the time to go to a spa in Singapore but really needs a quick getaway from stress, you can actually give yourself a relaxing massage. And no, there’s no need to ask someone else to do it. You can give yourself a soothing massage that will help you feel more relaxed. You can begin at the base of your head using your left hand to massage your right side. After this, you can work your way down, and then switch to the other side. Although nothing beats a good spa massage, this will do the trick until you reach the weekend and finally have the time to get a proper massage.


You can do a steam facial at the comfort of your home, without having to spend so much on products. Start by boiling water, and then let it sit for a few seconds before steeping herbs or adding essential oils in the water. Some of the best herbs used for a steam facial are green tea, peppermint, and lavender. Make sure the water is hot enough to give you a good five minutes … Read More